Go big or go home! When you want to impress, nothing beats large format printing. The Graphiczoo uses state of the art large format printing equipment capable of achieving outstanding resolution and colour.

High-resolution large format printers deliver eye catching, big impact images on a variety of substrates. These include photo paper, vinyl, adhesive vinyl, wall paper, mesh, fabric and canvas. Choose from such options as front-lit, back-lit, hemmed and grommetted.

Packaging prototypes, banner stands, window graphics, large artwork reprinting and cut vinyl lettering are all available from the Graphiczoo along with the quality and expert attention to detail that goes into every job.

Order Posters Now Oversize Poster

Min order $35. Please call for quote on custom sizes/quantity. $10 setup fee may apply.

Media 18" x 24" 22" x 28" 24" x 36" 30" x 40"
Semi Gloss Poster Media 35 37 60 90
Adhesive Vinyl 37 46 50 113
Vinyl Outdoor Srim 45 55 90 135
Print to foamcore 52 64 105 158

Click the above image to download the Illustrator graphic design template

Click the above image to download the Photoshop graphic design template

Creating your Document

Follow these simple steps to create your layout.

Download our graphic design template (currently available in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop formats)

Open the document in the appropriate program and open the layers pallet.

You will find 3 layers:

Layer One – Artwork Background

Layer Two – Production Guides

Layer Three – Customer Artwork

Following the guides create or place you artwork in Layer three (Customer Artwork).

Once your artwork is complete turn off the guides and/or example layers by clicking the eye icon beside the layer.

Convert all text to outlines in Illustrator or rasterize the text layers in Photoshop (see converting text section in this doc).

Save your file as an Illustrator PDF or Photoshop PDF file. For double sided documents, repeat the process and save as: filename_back

Checking Your Document

It is very important to review your document’s safe margin, bleeds and trim.

Document Layout Final Printed Piece

Important Document Setup Tips

Bleed Area TipBleed Area: The very edges of the document are called the bleed area. To prevent an unwanted white border from showing at the edge of your document, be sure to extend any background colors or design elements all the way to the edge.

Trim Marks TipTrim Marks: The area marked by the red lines is called the trim line. This is the finished size of the business card. The actual cut happens close to the trim line, but due to the mechanical tolerances involved in printing, the actual cut can happen anywhere from the bleed area to the safe margin. This is why it is important to keep your text and important images within the safe margin.

Safe Margin TipSafe Margin: The area marked by the white line is called the safe margin. Please remember to keep all important information, like names, addresses, phone numbers or logos within the safe margin (at least .137" from the edge) to ensure that they aren’t cut off when your document is trimmed.